Project – technical documentation

Getting the licenses

Aquaduct Company also has the experience to provide you with all of the necessary licenses needed for building the irrigation system. Long-term experience and knowledge of the legal procedures, as well as, contacts with colleagues – project makers which are complementary for parts of the documentation, allows us to, without any problems and with a small amount of effort  from the investor himself, gain: opinions, conditions and licenses for building objects, as well as, licenses for using water resources.

We make every part of the project – technical documentation in accordance with the Law on planning and construction and the Rulebook on the Procedure for the Implementation of the Integrated Procedure electronically:

For domestic clients who don’t have or are not in the possibility of starting with the legal procedure, we provide the preparation of the documentation in order to make the project for executing the project PZI with all of the details elaborated. The investor has an insight in all of details and prices and can execute preparations for the system and, upon receiving the licenses needed, immediately begin constructing.

IPARD subventions imply a completely carried out procedure and the project – technical documentation prepared. The basis of the IPARD procedure is the specification of the project materials, based on which three (3) offers are gathered, and the construction of the irrigation system and getting the incentive means is done on the basis of the most favourable one.


Professional consultation

Write to us before you get into building-up your plantation.