Designing the irrigation system

The life of every irrigation system that should function the next 15-20 years starts on the basis of a GOOD PROJECT.

In order for the system to function well, all local factors should be considered: weather, soil, the plants need for water, the terrains topography, the need for drainage…

There are no two identical irrigation systems. Each system is unique and each lot is approached with a complete understanding of the situation and surrounding.

A good system implies fitting the equipment based on:


Soil condition

The mechanical and chemical analysis of the soil is mandatory in order for us to be able to completely and precisely determine the amount of water, watering intervals, as well as, the combination of nutrition.


Climate conditions

Weather conditions are an important factor when designing and projecting the system. The amount and distribution of annual precipitation have a great impact on the dimensions of the system. If the lot is in a more humid surrounding, the project will also involve drainage.


Relief conditions

The configuration (micro-depressions, slopes) and the orientation of the lot have a great impact on water retention and directly affect the choice of equipment.


Drainage conditions

Increasingly frequent periods, with a lot of rainfall in a short period of time, condition the making of irrigation systems, so there is no disturbance in stable agricultural production.


Technological demands

The amount of time needed for the irrigation process itself, the amount of water needed on a daily basis, as well as, the organization of work on all of the lots are factors that have an impact on the project itself. Each project is made just for you; there are no two identical projects.

Technical project documentation

Aquaduct Company also has the experience to provide you with all of the necessary licenses needed for building the irrigation system. Long-term experience and knowledge of the legal procedures, as well as, contacts with colleagues – project makers which are complementary for parts of the documentation, allows us to, without any problems and with a small amount of effort  from the investor himself, gain: opinions, conditions and licenses for building objects, as well as, licenses for using water resources.

For designing the irrigation system, an engineering license under the number 376 xxxx xx is needed. That is an important factor especially with IPARD stimuli, which do not give subsidies without the project needed and the signature of the project maker – a stamp.

Irrigation systems can only be projected and designed by licensed melioration engineers. Besides the knowledge needed to design a quality system, the experience is also necessary. It is not the same if the project is conducted by someone abroad or by a domestic engineer who knows domestic conditions.

IPARD programs

The IPARD program is the most important program of pre-accession support for rural development and the first document in the field of agriculture and rural development of the Republic of Serbia that has been approved by all members of the European Union. The main goal and purpose of this program is to support agricultural producers and processors, as well as all residents of rural areas of the Republic of Serbia for gradual capacity building, in order to be timely and properly prepared to meet European standards and laws in agriculture, food industry and environmental protection.