The protection from frost (freezing of the plants) by spraying got its new dimension with the technology that the Spanish company „Control de heladas“ perfected, and whose representative for Serbia is Aquaduct.

This new technology is based on the constant use of small amounts of water through micro pulsations (pulse anti-frost), by coating the plant with a thin layer of ice which is maintained moist and keeps the temperature of 0°C.

The constant work of the sprinklers closes your lot and creates a different micro-climate inside the lot itself. If the outside temperature is -5°C, the inside is -1,8°C, and where the plant is coated with ice it is 0°C.

The advantages of the pulse anti-frost system:

  • This system uses three times less water than a standard anti-frost protection system.
    The consumption of water is 10-12 m3/ha/12 h
  • The pulse anti-frost works with less pressure, and by doing this the consumption of energy is also reduced
  • Because of the small amount of water, it is possible to install this system on an already existing irrigation system
  • The possibility of fertilizing and treating illnesses by using this system
  • On hot summer days, it is possible to cool down an orchard by 10-15 °C
  • After 12 hours of this system working, you can enter your lot the next day while at a standard system, it is not so easy to work in the conditions if the system worked for 12 hours and if 50mm of rain fell that day