The long-term work in designing and constructing the irrigation systems on the territory of the Balkan Peninsula resulted in an enormous experience that the team of Aquaduct possesses. For all of the years of existing and working, we met different problems that our farmers encountered. The problems occurred at the beginning itself, from choosing the location of constructing the plantation, all the way to wrong fertigation and reduced harvest.

In the past two years, there is a significant growth in the number of producers with already installed irrigation systems that have a problem with the functioning of the systems. We connect this to a large number of unprofessional people in our market, that are first next to the farmers themselves, and that simply don’t have the knowledge in this area.

Problems we encountered:

  • Difficult and problematic soil that is not adequately cultivated and prepared for planting
  • Bad calculation of the hydraulic and enormous losses in the pipeline that result in unequal irrigating
  • Chosen equipment that is not intended nor adjusted to our conditions
  • Fertigation and correct maintenance of the system
  • Checking an already installed system/li>
  • Training users

We put our experience at your service and offer consultations on the matters of:

  • Raising the plant
  • Choosing equipment and materials
  • Fertigation and correct maintenance of the system
  • Checking an already installed system
  • Training users. 

It is up to you to fill our short questionnaire and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Remember, mistakes are a lot more expensive than knowledge!

Do not let the mistakes in the preparation process affect the later production.
Timely reacting is the most important of them all and is the cheapest variant possible.

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